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H.E. Dr José Ramos-Horta AC
Influences that shaped my life

WithOnePlanet oral history video series talks to H.E. Dr José Ramos-Horta AC, former President of Timor Leste, Nobel Peace Laureate and Patron of WithOneSeed.

Before service as his country’s Prime Minister  and President, Dr José Ramos-Horta was known internationally as a peacemaker. In exile from his country for the better part of three decades, he had been the international voice of the Timorese people while they fought for survival against one of the most brutal regimes of our time.

In this video, Dr José Ramos-Horta talks about the influences that shaped his life.

Years 9 to 10: Video challenge questions


Watch the video to gain an understanding of the topic and then answer the challenge questions.

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