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WithOnePlanet TV contains original oral history videos and webinars created to assist people who are engaged with the WithOnePlanet open education program. This includes all the resources required to complete the Carbon, Culture and Citizenship learning modules and the livelihood training programs. Use of the videos is provided under Creative Commons License.

The story of WithOneSeed – Replenishing the planet one seed at a time
WithOneSeed Patron – José Ramos-Horta
Connecting schools
WithOneSeed – Community forestry
WithOneSeed – Economic Participation
WithOneSeed – Regional partnerships
Computer technology, the information age and the environment
In my backyard – Baguia, Timor Leste with Leo Guterres
Do you know?
H.E. Abel Guterres talks about the importance of WithOneSeed to his Village of Baguia
WithOneSeed’s Community forestry – helping restore forests and livelihoods in Timor-Leste
The school at the top of the mountain
The Hon. Steve Bracks AC – Australian citizenship
The Hon. Steve Bracks AC – Australia and Timor Leste relationship
WithOneSeed’s story in pictures
WithOnePlanet – Carbon futures program
Feed the Seed: A tropical permaculture guidebook from Timor Leste
Education Week Baguia, Timor Leste July 2013
The story of WithOneSeed – Replenishing the planet (extended version)
WithOnePlanet – Open Education
WithOneSeed Producer’s Cut
WithOneSeed’s tree planting program in Timor-Leste,part of our commitment to community forestry
Abel Guterrres talks about growing up in Baguia, Timor Leste
Antonio dos Ramos talks about WithOneSeed
WithOneBean – Coffee with conscience supports Timor Leste
Ego Lemos – Growing up in Timor Leste during the Indonesian occupation
H.E. Dr José Ramos-Horta AC – My Childhood
H.E. Dr José Ramos-Horta AC – My secondary school years
H.E. Dr José Ramos-Horta AC – Influences that shaped my life
H.E. Dr José Ramos-Horta AC – Post independence challenges
H.E. Dr José Ramos-Horta AC – Vision for Timor Leste
Patsy Thatcher – Timor Leste’s transitional development
Patrick Walsh AM – Events that helped shape Timor Leste
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