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Carbon links – Primary Schools

Where can you find carbon?
Rader’s Chem4Kids 2013, Carbon: Say It, viewed 2 January 2014

Greenhouse Animations
Australian Greenhouse Calculator 2011, Greenhouse Animations, viewed 3 January 2014

Carbon links – Secondary Schools

Earth’s climate system

1. Albedo effect
Albedo infographic explanation:

2. Uncondensed water vapour
Article (Goreham 2013) asserts that climate change is dominated by water cycle, not carbon dioxide:
Article (NASA 2008) confirms water vapour as major player in climate change:
Article (NASA 2004) asks, Will runaway warm water heat the world?:

3. Ocean acid concentrations
Ocean acidification cartoon explanation:
Ocean acidification video – via Scootle:

4. Plants absorbing CO2
Article (CSIRO 2007) confirms deforestation plays a critical climate change role:

5. Melting permafrost
Sydney Morning Herald article (Darby 2013) reveals faster melting of Antarctic permafrost:
Article (Lemonick 2013) examines the tipping point on melting permafrost:

6. Stored methane
Australian Academy of Science article (2013) discusses the problem with methane gas:

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