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The Tropical Permaculture Guidebook International Edition is a comprehensive resource of permaculture design, food sovereignty and environmental regeneration strategies.

It creates the framework pattern of permaculture design from a tropical, community perspective, then provides the detail of how to actually achieve it with step-by-step technical detail in word and image. It is a gift of ‘permaculture knowledge’ from Timor-Leste to the region.

  • A complete permaculture guide for anyone to read and apply
  • Enables sustainable food production and food sovereignty
  • Facilitates climate resilience, and environmental regeneration
  • Empowers communities and secures livelihoods
  • 18 easy to follow chapters, 1100+ pages with over 2000 detailed illustrations

The guidebook is divided into three themed volumes, making it easier to read and reference. Each volume contains a table of contents, foreword, introduction, six chapters, glossary and reference section.

Volume 1: Permaculture and People – 304 pages

  • Ch 1: Permaculture ethics and principles
  • Ch 2: Natural patterns
  • Ch 3: Permaculture design strategies and techniques
  • Ch 4: Urban and community permaculture
  • Ch 5: Cooperatives
  • Ch 6: Trainers’ guide

Volume 2: House and Garden – 376 pages

  • Ch 7: Houses, water and energy
  • Ch 8: Food, health and nutrition
  • Ch 9: Soil
  • Ch 10: Family gardens
  • Ch 11: Seeds and propagation
  • Ch 12: Plant nurseries

Volume 3: Regenerative Agriculture – 431 pages

  • Ch 13: Sustainable agriculture
  • Ch 14: Integrated pest management (IPM)
  • Ch 15: Trees
  • Ch 16: Bamboo
  • Ch 17: Animals
  • Ch 18: Aquaculture


The new international edition has been produced by project partners Permatil (Permaculture Timor-Leste), a well respected Timor-Leste NGO, xpand Foundation and Disruptive Media.

It is based on the Permaculture Guidebook from Timor-Leste, produced by Permatil and first published in 2006. It was updated in 2008 and has since had three re-prints.

From the original an extensive review, restructure and rewrite was undertaken by the original creators and renowned permaculture experts; new techniques and new illustrations added and the design layout remodelled.

The Tropical Permaculture Guidebook retains the core ethos and inclusive style of the original book and the information can be used by anyone, no matter their wealth, status or situation.

It is available to download as a complete guidebook, by volume or by individual chapter at We are currently finalising details for the English edition in print as well as commencing with other language editions, starting with Timor-Leste’s Tetum language guidebook.

We offer the guidebook for download using the third permaculture ethic of Fair Share and ask people to ‘pay what they can’ in exchange for what is downloaded, with all money further developing this project.

This enables:

  • Access for all
  • Funds for new language editions
  • Helping people to help themselves
  • Regenerating our planet

Pay what you can. Fund the future.

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