The updated international edition of the Tropical Permaculture Guidebook will enable more people across the developing world to lay down some sustainable roots, build knowledge and food security.

It is a practical reference guide for implementing permaculture techniques that are specific to tropical climates. It is a gift of ‘permaculture knowledge’ from Timor Leste to the region.

  • A complete permaculture guide for anyone to pick up, apply and use
  • Enables sustainable food production, climate resilience and food sovereignty
  • 17 easy to follow chapters, 500+ pages with 2000 detailed illustrations
  • Download free chapter-by-chapter.
  • Chapters will be added as they become available.
  • The original book is still available to download in English or Tetun below

The original guidebook was produced by Permatil, a well respected Timor Leste NGO and first published in 2006. It was updated in 2008 and has since had three re-prints.

An extensive review of the original guidebook has been undertaken by the original creators and edited by renowned permaculture experts; new illustrations added and the design layout updated.

The new international edition will retain the core ethos of the original book and provide practical instruction to anyone who reads it.

The guidebook is free to download chapter by chapter below and will be also available to purchase as a hardcopy book in 2016.

The Tropical Permaculture Guidebook – A Gift from Timor LesteInternational edition 2015

Currently available chapters for download

Chapter 1


Chapter 2


Chapter 6


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A Permaculture Guidebook
from Timor Leste