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Connecting with Timor Leste

WithOnePlanet provides opportunities for Australian schools to connect and engage with school communities in Timor Leste and build mutually beneficial relationships. The development of a specific curriculum about Timor Leste will build knowledge and awareness about one of our nearest neighbours in the Asia Pacific region and to connect and engage with school communities in Timor Leste. The units provide a structure whereby teachers can offer children in years 5 to 8 integrated learning about Timor Leste within their school curriculum.

Exposure to these units will help Australian students to develop a solid understanding of the culture, history and geography of Timor Leste. From this, students can develop relationships with their Timorese friends based on understanding and appreciation of cultural difference.

In primary and lower secondary school years, schools can connect through technology such as e-books, e-pals and through other cultural story sharing activities. In upper secondary school, connections can be made using technology and also through the WithOnePlanet student/teacher travel programs to Timor Leste, staying in villages and exploring local culture.

The units are consistent with the Victorian Essential Learning Standards requirements.

The digital versions of these resources are designed for use with Adobe Acrobat Reader and are set up to enable students to be able to enter and save their answers within each document on their desktop. Adobe Acrobat Reader is free and can be downloaded here.


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