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Module 1: Carbon


Module 2: Culture


Module 3: Citizenship


How it works

WithOnePlanet’s Student area is a place where students from Years Foundation to 10 can access worksheets that focus on climate change through three themes: carbon, culture and citizenship.

Climate change is a global challenge impacting all countries in different ways. WithOnePlanet explores climate change issues through the science, English, maths, geography, history, art, civics and citizenship curriculums and looks at opportunities to make our region a more interesting, sustainable and better place.

Students can download either a digital or a print friendly version of the worksheets by making selections below. The resources are available for both Australian students and Timor Leste students in either English and Tetun.

Check out the library

The WithOnePlanet library contains information and educational resources to assist you with the WithOnePlanet Open Education program. This includes all the resources required to complete the Carbon, Culture and Citizenship learning modules and the livelihood training programs.

Library resourcesLibrary

The library is catalogued by topic and includes videos, fact sheets, reports and links to WWW resources. There is also a collection of links to information provided by external contributors including the Climate Council, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, Climate Reality Project and other credible environment and social justice organisations.

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