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Carbon is child’s play

Carbon is all around us and makes up every living thing. Whether it’s a tree, a bird or a person, it all consists of carbon. When living things grow and change, the natural processes that cause these changes affect the carbon they contain. But carbon doesn’t just reside in living things – it can also affect the weather living things experience. Furthermore, the carbon life-forms themselves can influence how much effect carbon has on the weather! The Carbon is child’s play unit is an ideal way to investigate the basic science of carbon in living things and the weather, and improve the scientific literacy of students in the classroom and in their own worlds. It provides opportunities for students to investigate their understandings of carbon in the context of their everyday experiences and, through hands-on activities and discussion, to make decisions and take actions to live more sustainably with carbon.

The digital versions of these resources are designed for use with Adobe Acrobat Reader and are set up to enable you to be able to enter and save your answers within each document on your desktop. Adobe Acrobat Reader is free and can be downloaded here.


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